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2022  Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS)

The Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS), is an annual event that sets out to generate greater interest in Mathematics among pupils in primary schools and sharpening their problem-solving skills.

The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) was inaugurated in 1990. 

In 2002, SMOPS was renamed as APMOPS as it includes overseas centres from Asia Pacific countries. 

The online APMOPS First Round competition will be held at various centres across the Asia-Pacific region. The competition for Australia schools, will be held on Wednesday, 27th April 2022, at the premises of the schools with participating students.

If the COVID-19 situation allows, the APMOPS Invitation Round this year will be held on Saturday, 28th May 2022.

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